Welcome to Fontana Community Assistance Program

CAP Meetings

I would like to invite your organization to participate in our Community Assistance Program (CAP) monthly meetings. CAP is designed to assist people in need by referring them to available resources like you.

CAP meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each month 
from 9:00-11:00 a.m.
Fontana City Hall,  8353 Sierra Avenue  
Fontana, CA 92335
in the Flex Conference Room 

During each meeting, service providers share resources and ideas with the ultimate goal of providing assistance to citizens in need. It's a great way for non-profits, schools, churches, and government personnel to get acquainted and network.

March CAP Meeting

Spot Light presenter for March 17, 2016:

Kimberly Clark
Lifestyle Expert



This is  great opportunity to network with other organizations. Bring your business cards, flyers, and any information you would like to share. Please bring enough to pass out and to leave on our back table.

If you would like to volunteer to speak at a future meeting, feel free to sign up on Thursday or email KassandrV@ FontanaCAP.org

Please remember you have about 20 minutes to speak and for questions and answer.