Fontana's Community Assistance Program brings together local organizations, churches, and schools to create a network designed to help connect individuals to resources that will best meet their needs. 


The City of Fontana, in partnership with Water of Life Community Church's Local Outreach Department, CityLink,  offers Fontana residents no-cost or low-cost community services through  the Community Assistance Program (CAP).

 Fontana CAP provides area residents with the ability to readily access resources and community  services; which enrich the lives of families and individuals, and  enables them to lead a more productive life


The Fontana Community Assistance Program is able to provide direct services for Fontana residents as well as guest referrals through a unique relationship with the City of Fontana and Citylink . In addition, CAP maintains a network of partnering agencies that provide numerous services. CAP works along side of these agencies  to connect guests to services which include utility assistance,  transportation vouchers, rental assistance and food distribution. For more resources click below. 


CAP  Monthly Meetings promote a collaborative platform where agencies have the opportunity to network and share their resources in an engaging and expansive manner. 

 CAP  Monthly Meeting members are afforded opportunities in which they can  present their agencies to the network giving members a more expansive  explanation of services they provide as well as give access to the  formation of partnerships.  If you would like to take pare in the CAP meeting please subscribe below.

CAP Networking Meeting Schedule

January 16                             July 16

February 20                      August 20

March 19                      September 17

April-Annual CAP Fair     October 15  

May 21                          November 19

June 18                         December 17

Instructor Opportunities

 Additionally, meeting members are  encouraged to sign up to be CAP Class instructors as a way to share  their resources with the communities at no cost to them.